Top 10 Most Religious Countries in the World

Top 10 Most Regligious countries in the world-top 10 countries with most religious people


The world is full of numerous religions around the numerous countries of the world and a very negative thing which is observed enough, less than half populace is finding religions to get importance in their lives in only the 4 states of the world. Every day we see a lot of people living in this world are turning to religions for the sake of power and calm which is not practiced only by individuals of a particular nation but it is being practiced almost a largest amount of countries in the world. What is the most religious country in the world or which country has the most religious people it cannot be assumed without proper information. So we have prepared a list of Top ten countries which are considered the most religious nations around the globe with the biggest number of religious people.


List of Top Ten Most Religious Countries In the world 2013 Estimates


1. Ghana

ghana religion-top 10 most religious countries in the world

Ghana is considered the most religious country in the world containing more than 5 popular ethnic groups in it. Ghana  is a sovereign state which is located in Africa continent which is covering the total area of 238,535 square kilo meters and 4.61% water its overall population according to 2012 estimates more than 24.2 million people. Ghana contains the Akan group which is more than 47.5% people strict in their faith.96% of Ghana People claimed to be the active followers of their faiths.


Nigeria- top 10 most religious countries in the world

 There are numerous religious parties in the diverse regions of Nigeria but the major religion in Nigeria is Christianity which is accounted more than 50.8% while the second largest religion in Nigeria is Islam which is 47.8%. The active participation rate of Nigerian people is above 93% making it the second most religious country in the world. It is officially recognized as Federal Republic of Nigeria having the 174,507,539 population (2013 estimates).

3. Armenia

Armenia- top 10 most religious countries in the world

 In 1991, after the dissolution of Soviet Union Armenia was one of the nations returning back to their religious past in the world. Armenia is officially recognized as Republic of Armenia and Yerevan is the capital and largest city of Armenia. According to 2010 estimates, it population was 3,262,200 distributed in four major ethnic groups Armenian 97.9%, Yezidis 1.3%, Russian 0.5% and  rest of the other groups are 0.3%. It has a prideful Catholic history and currently 92% Armenians are active religious worshipers in the world.


top 10 most religious countries in the world

Fiji is the fourth most religious country in the world with the religiosity rate of 93%. Suva is the largest city and capital. Fiji has the population more than 858,038 people according to 2012 estimates. It is located in Melanesian Region.Fiji is one of the remote nations which was given the religious position by Methodist missionaries in 19th century.


Macedonia religious people-top 10 most religious countries in the world

 Macedonia is an European country having a rich religious history in the world. Ottoman Turks brought Islam and Byzantines brought Christianity while Bulgarian tsars are responsible to brought Orthodox faith in Macedonia. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are the religions still having the deep roots in this country.


Romania religious people | top 10 most religious countries in the world

 Romania is  located into the Europe continent having different religions but the majority of Romanian is following orthodox Christian faiths which are more than 86% making it the sixth country in the ranking list of top ten most religious countries in the world. Bucharest is the capital and largest city of Romania and the population according to 2011 census is 20,121,641. It has a good economy with per capita GDP of $16,518.It is the 9th largest European country by its population size.


Iraq Religions-top ten most religious nations in the world

Iraq is a largest Muslim country in the world having more than 31,129,225 populations it is the 9th largest country with most natural resources in the world. According to an estimates it’s 95% population is Islamic while the rest of population belongs to the other religions. 88% people are active participants in their faiths making it one of the biggest religious nations around the globe.


Kenya Worshipers-most religious countries

Kenya is officially recognized as Republic of Kenya which is famous for its largest tea production in the world having a largest number of religious people who are distributed in several ethnic groups such as Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kalenjin, Meru, Kisii , African religions and others. It is given the eighth rank in the most religious nations of the world. About 88% Kenyans are actively participating in their faith while 9% are not active.


Peru Worshipers, the most religious nations around the world

 Peru is the one of the most religious countries around the globe which is also the sixth largest gold producer located in South America having the 30,475,144 population and per capita GDP $11,148. Its people are considered much religious as compared to many nations living around the globe. 86% people are actively participating in different faiths such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism which gives the ninth rank in the most religious countries ranking list.


Brazil worshiping people one of the most religious country in the world

Brazil is officially recognized as Federative Republic of Brazil which is considered the 10th most religious country in the world with more than 85% active Brazilians in their faiths. Brazil is one of the most populated countries in the world; in 2013 estimates its population was counted 201,032,714. Brazil is considered the ninth largest oil-producing country in the world.


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Q : Which country is considered to be the most religious nation and which country has the most religious people in the world?

Ans : In accordance to t Gallup Study in 2012, Ghana is given the first position as the most religious nation of the world with 96% active religious people.

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